Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a pretty great Easter. We had a nice brunch all together, then we all just hung out at home, and did a few chores. Then we all got showered and in our Easter outfits and went outside to take a few pictures. We then went on a walk around the pond, fed the ducks and did a little bit of fishing.

Those last two pictures so sums up our family right now! I love it! Totally chaotic and goofy! We are a fabulous mess and even though it drives me bananas most of the time sometime, I know this is a season of life that I will really, really miss. 

Liam really wanted to take a picture. Sydney was not impressed clearly. 

When we got home from our outside family time we had a really nice dinner together. It was a laid back day and I really enjoyed it. Happy Easter! 

I have no intentions of making this blog all about Lincoln's illness but obviously it has a lions share of my thoughts lately. I spoke with the nurse at the Genetics Clinic at Cooks today. She said that Lincoln's final DNA test should be in sometime this week. I am super nervous. He also has an appointment with his new oncologist. I am so worried that we are about to go down the same road we were just on. I am so hoping that the new bump I see on Lincoln's back is just his muscle healing from his last surgery and not a new tumor. I am a stress crafter. Last month I sat for two days and cut out bunnies when we got the last bit of bad news. I am not sure what I can decorate for this month, but lets just say, I see some major crafting in my future.

Exhibit A:

Please pray for us.