Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Miracle Boy

My baby is a miracle. I know it sounds cliche, but it is true. On April 3rd we go the news that he was in the tiny percentage that test positive for Gardner's Syndrome in a tumor and does not have the mutated DNA to match. Without the mutated DNA, by definition, Lincoln cannot have Gardner's Syndrome. Even typing that last sentence out is surreal to me. I feel like this is too good to be true. How did we get so lucky? I feel like we won the lottery. The emotions of everything has been entirely overwhelming. I feel like Bill and I have PTSD. I find myself randomly crying. It is such a range of feelings that I did not expect. I am so overjoyed. I am so sad for the others who do not get as lucky as us. I feel guilt when I experience any frustration with my children lately. I am so, so, so grateful! I haven't blogged about this earlier because it has just been to much to even put into words. I have needed time to come down from cloud 9. Tomorrow we have an appointment with Lincoln's oncologist in Dallas to discuss the future plans for his care. It will likely include continued monitoring for the rest of his life, and regular MRI's and early colon scans. I can live with all of this, as long as he gets to live, which he will. He now has a regular life expectancy and so all is right in our world again. It is truly a miracle. I lived a charmed life.
The most probable cause of Lincoln's tumor, and it testing positive for Gardner's, is a mutated sub gene in his sub DNA. Scientist don't know how to read these smaller than DNA codes but suspect that they are the cause. This basically means that Lincoln will be at risk for everything that goes along with Gardner's but will not show all the signs. In fact, and hopefully, this could be the only symptom Lincoln ever shows. Truly a miracle!