Thursday, September 20, 2012

My sister Davia is HOT and Fabulous!

This is my sister Davia. She is AWESOME!
Obviously Davia is gorgeous but she is also great in so many other ways. Davia is very smart and incredibly driven in all she does. Not much scares Davia. She has always been self employed and lives in AUSTRALIA! So, if you want to be with Davia you get the AWESOME ADVENTURE of going to AUSTRALIA! (Our father is Australian and about half of our family lives there with her.) Davia is a very passionate person in all she does. Davia is also a fabulous mother to two great kids. Laife and Savannah are clearly part of the "Davia Package" and let me assure you, they are the bow. You will fall in love with them just like you will Davia. (Oh, and Scooby, their dog!) They are all great people and they deserve a great Man. 
Davia is a very active and loves a good run. She is a lot of fun and always up for anything. Davia is also a great sister and family person. She is very caring, loyal and extremely dependable. If Davia loves you, she will love you with everything she has. Which reminds me, she is oh so generous. Davia is always giving to those she loves. 
In my opinion, the right guy for Davia needs to be:
1. A Gentleman
2. Looking for an Adventure
3. Intelligent

If you are looking for a great girl who comes with a lot of adventure (going to Australia!) this is the girl for you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sydney is 2!

Well, she is two! I can't hardly believe my baby girl has been here for two years already! She is such a joy! (And challenge!) Right now Sydney loves toy cars, all things electronic (especially Apple products),  having her feet rubbed, toenails painted, shoes, swimming and talking on Skype. Sydney is also very fond of all her family members and of course her puppy! As I type this, she is sitting on my lap, playing on my phone. I am so enjoying our time at home alone. (Liam is at school, Lincoln is asleep, and of course Daddy is at work.) This little lady is just adorable and we are having so much fun together!
For Sydney's birthday we took her to get her first mani pedi and then to sushi. Yes, our kids love sushi! It is fabulous! She was so cute getting her nails done. She kept telling the lady "mo lotion" (more lotion).
Birthday morning

Opening presents

Presents in bed
2 years old
On the way to dinner
Mommy and her 2 year old princess

Opening presents with the Londinos
Finally Cake!
I just love my little lady. She is really strong willed, and sometimes she drives me crazy, but she is also so funny, spunky, and really sweet. What a blessing Sydney is to our family! I am so lucky to get to be her Mommy and can't wait to watch her grow up!
Here are some of my favorite Sydie pictures...

Happy Birthday!