Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Elephant

I have been much for blogging lately. I have wanted to get back into it but every time I have tried to blog it just seemed so fake. How can I blog about anything else in my life and not feel like I am just tip toeing around the elephant? So, here goes...At Lincoln's four month well check we found a mass on his back. I had noticed it a while back but my doctor assured me it was nothing and would likely go away. Then, when I asked her to check it again at the four month appointment, it was clearly no longer a non issue. So here we are 3 months later and we now have been told that it is most likely pediatric aggressive fibromatosis. This is NOT cancer. We are so thankful for that. However we do have a long and not so fun road ahead. Lincoln will be having surgery to have his tumor removed and then if they confirm his diagnosis by testing the tumor, he will then have chemotherapy. I am so sad for my baby to go through so much. He is only 7 months old and such a happy little guy. I am also so sad about what this will mean for my other children. Liam is a such a sensitive kid and I worry about the stress this will cause him. Sydney clearly will not be able to understand but she will sense the tension and stress. I am hopeful that we will be able to lessen the impact this will have on their lives. I will say that on a positive note, I feel thankful that this is treatable. Lincoln will survive this. I was given this diagnosis on the cancer ward of the local children's hospital, and the fact that there are other parents on that ward who are not so lucky really puts things into perspective. This will be tough. This will be depressing and sad. BUT, this will not kill us. I have faith that Lincoln will live a happy and long life. There is still a chance that this diagnosis is wrong and his tumor might be nothing more than a benign tumor. I am holding on to that hope but also preparing myself for the other. If you are the praying kind, please keep him and my family in your prayers. I would so appreciate it.
So, now that I don't feel like I am lying by omission, we can talk about more fun things. Like this picture for example...

Precious! Right?
I meet my friend Kellie yesterday to take some pictures of my kids. I always get so frustrated and flustered taking my own kids and find that they follow directions better for somebody else anyways. I took some pictures myself and thought I got some good ones...and then...I realized I didn't have my memory card in my camera! Good thing Kellie was on it! I have a ton more to post but I am going to wait and see Kellie's first so that I am not posting a ton of the same thing later.  For now enjoy that little tease.
We went to story time today. Sydney loved it as usual. She sat herself right in front to listen to the story about the "turkey Ho Ho". (She has decided to call Santa, Ho Ho.)

I also took these super cute pictures of the kids at the park the other day.


I feel so thankful to be their mommy. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My sister Davia is HOT and Fabulous!

This is my sister Davia. She is AWESOME!
Obviously Davia is gorgeous but she is also great in so many other ways. Davia is very smart and incredibly driven in all she does. Not much scares Davia. She has always been self employed and lives in AUSTRALIA! So, if you want to be with Davia you get the AWESOME ADVENTURE of going to AUSTRALIA! (Our father is Australian and about half of our family lives there with her.) Davia is a very passionate person in all she does. Davia is also a fabulous mother to two great kids. Laife and Savannah are clearly part of the "Davia Package" and let me assure you, they are the bow. You will fall in love with them just like you will Davia. (Oh, and Scooby, their dog!) They are all great people and they deserve a great Man. 
Davia is a very active and loves a good run. She is a lot of fun and always up for anything. Davia is also a great sister and family person. She is very caring, loyal and extremely dependable. If Davia loves you, she will love you with everything she has. Which reminds me, she is oh so generous. Davia is always giving to those she loves. 
In my opinion, the right guy for Davia needs to be:
1. A Gentleman
2. Looking for an Adventure
3. Intelligent

If you are looking for a great girl who comes with a lot of adventure (going to Australia!) this is the girl for you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sydney is 2!

Well, she is two! I can't hardly believe my baby girl has been here for two years already! She is such a joy! (And challenge!) Right now Sydney loves toy cars, all things electronic (especially Apple products),  having her feet rubbed, toenails painted, shoes, swimming and talking on Skype. Sydney is also very fond of all her family members and of course her puppy! As I type this, she is sitting on my lap, playing on my phone. I am so enjoying our time at home alone. (Liam is at school, Lincoln is asleep, and of course Daddy is at work.) This little lady is just adorable and we are having so much fun together!
For Sydney's birthday we took her to get her first mani pedi and then to sushi. Yes, our kids love sushi! It is fabulous! She was so cute getting her nails done. She kept telling the lady "mo lotion" (more lotion).
Birthday morning

Opening presents

Presents in bed
2 years old
On the way to dinner
Mommy and her 2 year old princess

Opening presents with the Londinos
Finally Cake!
I just love my little lady. She is really strong willed, and sometimes she drives me crazy, but she is also so funny, spunky, and really sweet. What a blessing Sydney is to our family! I am so lucky to get to be her Mommy and can't wait to watch her grow up!
Here are some of my favorite Sydie pictures...

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A letter to my Liam

My Dearest Liam, 
You started Kindergarten on Tuesday. I am so proud of who you are. You are such a sweet, smart and funny little man. I have been dreading these kinds of milestones. I haven't been looking forward to letting you go. Then again, I am so happy to see you growing and experiencing life. I was seriously sick with a stomach bug Tuesday and I didn't even get to take you to your first day of school. Maybe our angels were doing us both a favor. I was told by Daddy that you were very confident and happy. You went straight to your desk and bluntly told Daddy "Bye". I mustered up all my strength to get out of bed and pick you up from school. You were so excited and so tired. You told me you love it. I am so happy that you are happy with this new stage. I know you are going to do wonderfully at school. You are just so smart and social, so I know this will be a piece of cake for you. I am going to really miss my time at home with you. I was so lucky to get to stay with you all of your first 5 years. That time is something I will really, always cherish. We had so much fun together. (Story time, Chick Fil A, Starbucks dates, couch cuddles, morning cartoons, eating lunch together) I will really miss having my little sidekick and helper all the time. You have been a delight in my life. While I know that I am sad to let you go, I am also so happy to see your flourish. You are going to do great things with your one "wild and precious life" and this is just the start of it. So go off into this world (even if it is just 7:45am-2:45pm) and do great things and be happy but know that I am always in the background cheering you on. 
I love you always and forever,  

Liam at Meet the Teacher, the night before school started.

Daddy and Liam on the way to school on Liams first day of Kindergarten!
(Mommy was too sick to be in pictures!)

Liam at his desk, the first day of Kindergarten.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Meme!

This past weekend we had 2 special visitors...Bill's Grandpa who we call Papa and my brother, Uncle Jack! Jack's visit was inpromptue and very brief. He came late at night, and left early the next morning. We stayed up VERY late and had a good time talking. I wish we could see him more. He actually left so fast that I didn't even snap a picture of him! Papa came for the whole weekend. We ate chinese food,  cajun food, french toast, and mexican food all in one weekend! It was delicious! The kids had a great time playing around him and climbing all over him. Papa also spent some good time holding Lincoln. The man was a pro. It is clear that it wasn't his first rodeo. I think it is so cool that he has 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren! 

This past week we also hit the 3 month milestone with Lincoln. My goodness, 3 months! Where has the time gone? Really though, it seems like he has always been here. He was a missing piece to our puzzle. 
Lincoln has gotten so big! He weights 13 pounds! He has started to laugh and talk. He is a really good baby and such a joy to me. My only complaint is that he ALWAYS wants to be held BUT I love having a cuddle bug so it's okay!
Sydney got a new purse this weekend from her visiting Papa and Gigi and she just LOVES it! (ALMOST AS MUCH AS SHE LOVES HER PUPPY!)

This weekend was also my sister Taryn's birthday! Happy Birthday Aunt Taryn! We love you!

And, Today is Meme's Birthday! We love you Meme! I miss my mommy so much and wish we could spend more time with her! I know that Meme is having a good birthday though because she is in Tasmania! 


Isn't my mom pretty!? I really hope that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I hope I can age as beautifully as she has!