Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Andrew Peterson - Dancing In The Mine Fields

I am completely in love with this song. And I really feel like it applies to Bill and I. 
"Everyone said we were much to young but we did it anyways....We went dancing in the mine fields. We went sailing in the storm...I believe its an easy price for the life we have found...This is harder than we dreamed but I believe this is what the promise is for. So when I lose my way, find me. And when I lose loves chain, bind me." 
I just love it. I guess the reason this song really stirs in me is because I love my husband. We have come a long way. We have truly grown together. He is not the man I first loved when I was 17. He is better. 

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  1. So sweet! That song does make me think of you two. You are a lovely couple with beautiful children. I love the photo.