Monday, June 25, 2012

Before and After

We have lived in our new home 9 weeks now. In that nine weeks we have added a new baby to our family, added a new puppy and even managed to have the house painted. I am pretty impressed with myself and I don't mind saying it. So Kelly's Korner is doing "Show Us Your Life - Dinning Rooms" and I feel like I have something to show! Our house has a really long way to go but man, oh, man, we have come soooooo far already and in a really hectic period of our lives! SO....

And After...

The Dinning Room is the only room in the house that we didn't really have furniture for. I have never had a Dinning Room before. The table was always in our eat in kitchen before and the cabinet/shelf was always a bookshelf in our old living rooms. I actually bought the table and shelf at the same time thought. I got a steal on them both! I love my bar height table but Bill is positive that one of the kids is going to noise dive off the extra high chairs and die instantly. SO...when we moved into this house I found a cute little round table table for our eat in kitchen off of craigslist and now we have Dinning Room furniture! The Dinning Room still needs a bit of work. I have a great idea for what is going to go on the wall as art and I have a pink chandelier I am dying to get hung. I am also on the look out for a great hutch or sideboard. But for now, I love that I get to have all my tea cups displayed finally and my aqua walls are marvelous and happy in my opinion. The bright colors make me smile. The paint job before was really done bad. The paint was not divided well and seriously needed a piece of trim not to mention, I thought the browns were really dreary and not happy at all. My house is a happy place, or at least I want it to be. :)
On a totally unrelated note, something happened today that I needed to document. This event just sort of snuck up on us and almost slipped by. Luckily, a few minutes before 12:25pm happened upon me, I remembered! 

Isn't he beautiful. I could just eat him up. He is delicious. Look at those lips. Two months has flown by and I cannot imagine life without this little boy in our family. And since I am doing before and afters, look at him last month...

He is getting so big, so fast! Slow down Mr. Lincoln. You are making my ovaries hurt! I love him even more than my aqua walls and yellow table cloth! 


  1. Lincoln is beautiful and adorable. He is a carbon copy of your other two. I am glad to see you are blogging again.

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I like your dining room colour.