Monday, June 18, 2012

My Babies Daddy

My kids must have won some sort of lottery in heaven...they have a great Daddy. Liam told me the other day that if he could swim 5 extra minutes that he would then be my best friend. I replied that I already was his best friend. Liam then told me matter of factly that no, in fact, I was not his best friend, Daddy was. Liam wasn't trying to hurt my feelings, he was just stating the truth as he knew it. 

Fishing at Liam's 5th Birthday Party
Daddy and his Princess
Daddy and Lincoln on their shared birthday
Bill is a marvelous dad. He loves his kids with a deep and unconditional love. I think we had a pretty great Fathers Day yesterday and I hope Bill knows we think he is the best of the best at being a Daddy. I have loved Bill for 11 years now, but I love him a little more watching him love our babies. 
Happy Fathers Day!

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