Monday, February 4, 2013

He Stands...

Christmas was great.



 It snowed in Texas!

We had oh so much fun that day. Phylene was in town for Lincoln's surgery but he ended up with RSV. I had taken Lincoln into the pediatrician for what I suspected was a cold and an ear infection. Within an hour the pediatrician had called an ambulance and we got a "fun" little ride to the hospital. Lincoln was only breathing at 75% but after some scary breathing treatments, we went home that same night! And I thought he had an ear infection...guess I won't be getting that mother of the year award after all. I was so close. Here's to hoping for next year.
Anyways, since Lincoln will have to have a breathing tube during his surgery we have to make sure he is totally healthy for his surgery, which is now going to be Feb. 21st. I am getting more nervous as it is getting closer. Tonight Lincoln decided to put some of my anxiety to rest. I had put Lincoln in his crib to play with some toys while I got Sydie and Liam ready for bed. All of a sudden, I look over to see Lincoln standing up! HE STANDS! Just last week at his 9 month appointment, I was told he should be standing by now. Of course, I was a little concerned about this. WELL, he stands! Milestone nailed. Next up is kicking fibromytosis's butt.

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  1. Fun photos Tamara. We are continuing our prayers for Lincoln.